For your long time Solar energy was only recognized given that the conversion of sun gentle to to electricity. Although this is not inaccurate many of us tend not to recognize that the energy harvested will have to to start with be converted to electrical energy to have the ability to make commonly functional electricity. The conversion is created doable via the photovoltaic or PV, a method that takes advantage of semiconductors to transform the sun’s radiation to electrical energy.

Components of a Straightforward Solar energy Technique

Solar or photovoltaic cells

The assembly of semiconductors and electronics or solar cells is enclosed within a photovoltaic module, additional usually generally known as a photo voltaic panel. Numerous photo voltaic panels are referred to as photo voltaic panel array.


A photo voltaic panel collects and generates electricity from the sun’s radiation. PV panels change this vitality to direct existing electricity, a recent that is certainly produced by batteries. Despite the fact that connecting a DC load straight to the photo voltaic panel can be done, batteries engage in a vital job to a effectively operating photovoltaic system.